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ARIS Compliance Solutions for Sarbanes-Oxley from IDS Sheer

IDS Scheer logoThe days when a company could focus solely on its internal processes are long gone. Business relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers have become at least just as important. In addition, the existence and implementation of stricter external regulations is playing an increasingly important role in the corporate structure. To follow the requirements of the regulations, it is necessary to identify affected processes, analyze risks, integrate necessary controls in the processes, and monitor their execution. Ensuring compliance with these regulations is called compliance management. ARIS Audit Manager provides companies with comprehensive support for compliance management. The process-oriented software solution enables the efficient introduction and operation of a company-wide compliance management system that meets the requirements of various current and future regulations.

Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Solvency II, GwG, KonTraG, MaRisk, Corporate Governance, ISO Standards – all of these buzzwords and acronyms stand for many regulations with which companies must comply today. The resulting requirements are as various as the laws and regulations themselves. It is in the companies’ best interests to meet these requirements to avoid violating legal principles and to satisfy industry-specific quality guidelines. Companies are faced with one fundamental question: How can these risks be eliminated and how can the company ensure that legal requirements are met?

White paper
Compliance management with ARIS: Company-wide integrated solutions with ARIS Compliance Management Solution

Expert paper
Security via compliance management: Achieving success in a regulated economic environment

Product information
ARIS Audit Manager: Implement consistent companywide compliance management

About IDS Scheer

IDS Scheer promises its customers Business Process Excellence. In order to honor this commitment, we employ more than 2,500 staff worldwide to provide our customers with expert advice on all the major questions they may have surrounding process management. IDS Scheer designs the business processes of its customers of various industries, both internal processes and those relating to their dealings with suppliers and customers, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

IDS Scheer software is used by such blue-chip companies as British Telecom, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Nestlé and Siemens for the analysis of their business processes. The Fraunhofer Institute (IAO) evaluates ARIS as the best software in this market. Analysts from the Gartner Group see IDS Scheer as the most innovative company world-wide for business process management.

IDS Scheer was founded as a small consulting company in1984 by Professor August-Wilhelm Scheer with staff from the University of the Saarland. Today, he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chief Technology Advisor of the company that is an SAP Global Services Partner and that serves about 6,000 customers in over 70 countries. IDS Scheer has for 22 years consistently produced positive financial results and is thus listed on the blue-chip index TecDAX of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Branches of IDS Scheer are to be found not just in Saarbrücken, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg, but also internationally in 22 further countries, including Great Britain and France, USA, Canada and Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore and within Central and Eastern Europe.

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