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About Inside Sarbanes Oxley

The most demanding requirements placed on publicly traded companies since the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is making public companies accountable to shareholders. From section 302 to the demanding requirements of 404, review and commentary on Sarbanes Oxley issues has been consolidated to allow decision makers the most effective view of the challenges facing their organizations today.

Inside Sarbanes-Oxley (insideSarbanesOxley.com) delivers a manageable view of the volumes of published information on the topic. With specific links to valuable webcasts, articles, books, and core legislative actions, insideSarbanesOxley.com offers the most comprehensive view of this rapidly developing topic.

For the expert and the uninitiated, InsideSarbanesOxley.com orients and educates CFOs, CEOs, audit committee members, internal auditors, and corporate contributors on a vast array of topics ranging from corporate governance to control design and monitoring. Other topics like risk assessment, the COSO framework, Enterprise Risk Management, and performance reporting are also detailed along side the documentation of SOX legislation and response, putting these many new topics in context.

InsideSarbanesOxley.com continues to tirelessly seek out the leading commentary and opinions on the topics that are relevant to business leaders today. Articles, webcasts, books and opinions are captured on topics including:

  • Requirements under SOX
  • Rulings and Published documentation from the PCAOB and the SEC
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • The Internal Audit role and function within the modern organization
  • Independence of the Audit Committee
  • Important Considerations in Fraud Assessment, Prevention, and Detection
  • Educational Opportunities through organizations Like the IIA, AICPA, and CFE
  • Emerging Practices and Benchmarking Processes in Control Monitoring and Testing

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.